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Edible Bubbles: The Best Toy For Kids

Edible Bubbles: An Introduction

If you’re looking for a unique gift for kids in your life this Easter, why not add flavored edible bubbles to the list? This fun, sensory-play stimulating toy encourages healthy activity and helps develop little minds, all without feeling like a moment of work. Whether you’re looking for a healthier way to treat the kids this Easter, or you simply want to find something special and different for them, why not try the exciting range of edible bubbles for Bubble Universe? We believe we offer the best bubbles for kids on the market currently, and we’re sure you will agree too!

Bubbles For Kids? Yes!

Bubbles for kids have been a fun, interactive toy for decades. Edible bubbles are just an extension of that concept. Now, not only do they get the fun of blowing, chasing, and trying to catch the bubbles, but they can bring an extra sensory element to the table, too. Let them lick the mixture, try to identify the flavors, and generally have fun with taste, as well as sight, smell, and touch. Plus the fun of chasing them down all over. Hey- you and the pets can even get involved, too! Why not make this an Easter to remember with fun for the whole family?

Unique Gift For Kids

While Easter is a holiday packed with chocolate, and we should all have some childhood treats, we know that that’s not necessarily the best thing for our little ones. Kids bubbles are the perfect kid gift idea, as it lets them have that same seasonal taste experience, but cuts down on the sugar overloading their little systems. Plus, of course, it encourages them to run outdoors and play, instead of sitting glued to screens indoors.
By now we all know that one of the best ways to encourage a love of the outdoors is to start young. Plus, of course, if it feels like fun, we don’t even think of it as exercise! This Easter, give the whole family a treat with this happy, healthy childhood play.

Introduction to Bubble Universe

Bubble Universe is thrilled to bring you safe, flavored bubbles for kids that deliver great taste in an allergen-free formula everyone can enjoy. Not sure where to start in our extensive collection of fun? Here’s just a few of our favorite Easter tastes to try. 

Chocolate Edible Bubbles

Ah, chocolate! Of course we have chocolate bubbles in our flavored bubble collection. This seminal childhood taste simply can’t be done without, can it? Give your children a fun and familiar treat to play with, to encourage them to active, fun play in the outdoors. Especially at Easter time, when chocolate is so central to their celebrations.

Cinnamon Edible Bubbles

Looking for something a little different? Kids actually taste a lot of cinnamon, typically linked to happy memories like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But it’s also a strong and unusual taste, so cinnamon bubbles are a great way to encourage adventurousness in taste and help children learn more through sensory play.

Cotton Candy Edible Bubbles

Do the words ‘cotton candy bubbles’ evoke images of country fairs, the big wheel, and childhood fun in your imagination? It’s a taste so central to the experience of childhood, it’s hard to deny. And now your little ones can enjoy that magic in their edible bubbles, too!
As you can see, there’s a ton of fun and flavor to be had with edible bubbles. Which will you try first? Remember, the Bubble Universe team is always happy to help you with any queries or questions you might have, so feel free to reach out to us today.