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Edible Bubbles: The Perfect Easter Gift For Kids

Are you looking for a fun Easter gift for kids that will keep them healthy and active? One that won’t feel like learning, but will encourage them to actively play, exploring new sensory experiences, yet still with the fun and indulgence of the Easter spirit to enjoy? Look no further than the delicious edible bubbles from Bubble Universe

Flavored Bubbles: An Overview

Edible bubbles for kids are all the rage in playtime circles, and for all the right reasons. Reinventing an old classic for new generations, flavored bubbles bring extra goodness to the table.

What Are Flavored Bubbles?

Flavored, edible bubbles are exactly that! You have all the fun of old-fashioned bubble blowing, but now with added sensory dimensions. Taste and smell the bubbles too, whether it’s dipping a finger in the liquid or catching a bubble on your tongue. It’s a great way to bring new dimensions to childhood play. It also helps keep your little one’s focus for longer, and gives them more ways to enjoy a classic childhood staple.

Are Flavored Bubbles Healthy?

Provided you use a safe, FDA-approved solution (like those from Bubble Universe) flavored bubbles for kids are harmless. Using food-grade flavors in a safe solution, they offer a little taste, but with no worrisome ingredients. Instead of sugar-packed chocolate, let them romp and play with our chocolate bubbles, instead. That way, you keep the magic of childhood intact, but encourage happier, healthier kids and foster good habits like exercise in a fun way, too.

The Perfect Easter Gift For Kids: Edible Bubbles

That’s exactly what makes them great Easter gifts for kids, too. No need to try foist ‘healthy’ treats with negative connotations off on them, nor to focus solely on overindulging in chocolate. Instead, you can offer a fun experience the whole family can share, that doesn’t seem like work, learning, or ‘mom and dad being mean’, but encourages healthy outdoor activity.

Outdoor & Active

Especially at the tail end of winter, it can be very hard to motivate little ones to get outside and get time away from screens. Instead of turning it into a battle of wills, edible bubbles incentivize everyone to get active in a way that feels like natural fun. And we do mean everyone! You can have fun outside with the kids, too, and rediscover a little of your childhood magic. Plus, it’s a great way to bring the family dog into the fun as well. They’ll enjoy running around with the littles, exploring these fun, mystery bubbles. 


When was the last time you had screen-free family time? Let alone the last time it was filled with giggles, laughter, and silliness? Whether it’s bringing the whole family together to watch and have fun, or encouraging your child to socialize with others their age, edible bubbles offer a fantastic social activity that’s packed with joy.

Introduction to Bubble Universe

Not all edible bubble mixes are created equally. That’s why Bubble Universe is proud to offer you a premium mix that’s totally safe and worry-free. Made with FDA-approved ingredients to the highest possible standards, our mixes are tasty, safe, and fun. We have also partnered with the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles to make sure every purchase gives back to children, too.

Edible Bubbles For Kids

Our edible bubble flavors are also made here in the USA, giving you extra peace of mind. All facilities used are FDA-registered and CGMP-certified. They’re also allergen-free, so everyone can have fun safely. 
As a parent, we know you want only the best for your little one, and Bubble Universe is proud to offer you exactly that. Our fun flavored bubble mixes will enhance your children’s play, and bring back delightful childhood memories for you, too. Why not try this simple fun for the whole family today?