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Our Sour Green Apple Edible Bubbles

Our Sour Green Apple Bubbles

Here at Bubble Universe, we never decline a challenge. While our edible bubbles are packed with sweet childhood treats, we’ve made it our mission to offer you a wide range of delicious, fun flavored bubbles everyone can enjoy. Today we’re taking a closer look at our tingling sour apple-flavored bubbles, and why they’re perfect to help your child enjoy the magic of childhood and learn a little too.
Remember, sensory play is a great way to encourage younger minds to learn more about the environment around them without it ‘feeling like work’. And there’s nothing better than flavored edible bubbles for fantastic sensory play.


Our delicious edible bubbles are made only with FDA-approved ingredients at a domestic U.S facility. This means we can keep the strictest control possible on what’s being used and how it's made. We also use natural flavors derived from apples themselves. This ensures a taste that’s both delicious and realistic, while being perfectly safe. Quality assurance makes certain every batch is safe and tasty. Many children with allergies are also able to use our range, although we always suggest a quick ingredient check first!


While your sour green apple-flavored bubbles can be stored in the fridge, this won’t make the best bubble-blowing experience. Rather store them at room temperature somewhere cool and dark. That way, they’re always ready to play and will last a long time. Remember to put them out of reach of kids and pets. Although we’ve created a safe and non-toxic flavor mix, drinking the whole bottle still might make for a tummy ache! Plus, it’s always good to supervise playtime.

How People Use Our Bubbles

Are edible flavored bubbles just for free play? Not at all! While they’re a great way to boost your child’s imagination, edible bubbles can also help them explore the world. Sensory play is a great way to keep young ones learning and having fun. It won’t even feel like school to them! Flavored bubbles bring two often under-represented senses to the table, too- taste and smell. Broaden your child’s world and expand their young mind through fun and play.


Who doesn’t remember seeing bubbles float by in childhood? Just like bath foam, bubbles are fascinating to kids. From the way they blow from almost nothing into the bubble, to the way they float with the wind, they’re one of the best toys for kids to help develop young eyes. You also have a chance to talk to them about how a liquid can become a floating bubble. Let them chase and catch them to develop hand-eye coordination and refine their attention skills. Plus they can contrast how they look and feel.


Bubbles for kids don’t just exercise tiny bodies and big minds, though! It can be hard to find safe, fun, and clean sensory play for smells. That’s why edible bubbles are one of the best toys for kids we know. Let them sniff out the unusual sour green apple flavor. Does it match with the taste they expect? Have they smelled that smell before? It’s time to open up a whole new vista through smell.


Taste is an important sense to develop in children. While we’re tempted to feed them only the bland or sweet foods they like, experimenting with flavor prevents fussy eaters. Our sour apple flavored bubbles can be used to introduce a pleasant, but sour, flavor in a fun setting. This develops their taste buds and encourages experimentation, too. Plus, it’s a great chance to help develop a positive, play-related relationship with apples! You know they’ll love it- how many outdoor toys for kids do you let them lick?

Introduction to Bubble Universe

It’s Bubble Universe’s mission to help you rambunctious, happy, and excited kids. Whether it’s through sensory play, or simply having fun in the garden with you and the dog, edible bubbles engage the senses, the mind, and the body. Let your child escape the super-rigid classroom environment and learn through fun and play. 
We’re proud to offer you one of the very best-tasting, safest, flavored bubbles available in the U.S today. We’ve done all the hard work so you, the worried parent, can relax and have fun with your little one stress-free. 
Why not take the Bubble Universe sour apple challenge today, and try this funky new flavor out with the kids?