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safe flavored bubbles


We are on a trajectory to reinvent and disrupt the bubble industry. Determined to introduce the world’s most over the top safe, sensory driven, fun bubble brands made in the USA, while prioritizing eco-friendly sourcing of materials and an emphasis on giving back.

We heard from parents and doctors that contact on skin or eating bubbles, which most kids do with "non-toxic" regular bubble solutions, could be harmful and cause allergic reactions.

This effortless pastime experience, hasn’t changed much over the years.

safe flavored bubbles

Natural Flavored Bubbles

Our newest brand, BubbleLick™ rises above the others with our unique combination of F.D.A. approved food additive ingredients and environmentally friendly sourced materials. Our bubbles are made in a FDA registered, CGMP-certified and allergen-free facility in the USA. Instead of the typical soapy taste, our bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time!

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Meet Our Team

bubble makers

Jason Tiger


Jason Tiger, who has always loved bubbles, began his career working at the world's largest bubble toy company. After analyzing the industry as a whole, he wanted to improve the overall safety conditions of manufacturing and ingredients in bubbles, while also making bubbles more fun for all. His ultimate goal for Bubble Universe is to revolutionize how kids, adults and pets, experience safe bubbles forever.

bubble makers

Dr. Li Wei Tan

Head of Product

After more than a decade’s experience in various professional R&D capacities from Asia to Europe, including a career at Merck KGaA, she had obtained her Masters in Material Science under a Singapore and MIT Alliance (SMA), as well as a PhD from University of Surrey, United Kingdom. As a formulation scientist, Li Wei Tan is constantly finding ways to understand why something works and why it doesn't. Her formal studies have straddled fields of nanotechnologies, material science and analytical chemistry. Li Wei has been in love with the science of bubbles her whole life, she previously presented a TED talk on ‘The fascinating science of bubbles, from soap to champagne’. 

bubble makers

Dr. Dat Q. Tran


Dr. Dat Q. Tran is a Diplomate of the American Board of Allergy & Immunology. His expertise is in food allergy, allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma, drug allergy, immune disorders, recurrent infections, autoimmunity and oral immunotherapy. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, summa cum laude and his MD degree at Tulane. In 2015, he was promoted to Tenured Associate Professor. In the pursuit of better treatments and clinic care for patients, he opened Innovative Allergy Clinic in June 2017 to provide innovative oral immunotherapy for the treatment of food and environmental allergies. He has done in depth studies of traditional bubbles that can cause allergic reactions and illness in children when wrongly consumed or come in contact with skin which led him to join Bubble Universe to invent safer bubble solutions.