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About Us/Why We're Different

Patented Formulas. F.D.A. Approved Ingredients. Eco-friendly. Made in the U.S.A.

The innovation of a team of experts including a top pediatric allergist, international toy marketer, chemical engineers, food scientists and packaging experts, Bubble Universe provides an incredibly sensory and safe experience the minute our bubbles touch the tip of your tongue.

We saw how most mass-produced bubbles are made in unmonitored manufacturing facilities in the rest of the world. Also we have studied how some bubble formulas can cause allergic reactions, consumption of any amount of "non-toxic" regular bubble solution could be harmful and packaging is inferior or flimsy. We saw a large gap also with the lack of focus on eco friendly sourcing of materials and an emphasis on giving back to our community.

BubbleLick floats heights above the others with our unique combination of F.D.A. approved food additive ingredients, bright colors and fun-shaped wands. And, instead of the typical soapy taste, our bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time!  Each time a bubble pops is a tease for the senses.