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A mission to focus on the four things most important to us.

Safe Bubbles

Generic bubble solutions could be harmful and cause allergic reactions because they are made with none FDA approved food additive ingredients.


We are determined to introduce the world’s most over the top safe and incredibly fun bubble brands while focusing on eco-freindly sourcing of materials and an emphasis on giving back.

Disrupt the bubble industry

This effortless pastime, that has been and should be part of every childhood, hasn’t changed much over the years. We are on a trajectory to reinvent and disrupt the bubble industry.

Giving Back

We proudly partner with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), supporting their mission of creating hope and building healthier futures. In addition to making the monetary donations, we donate our bubbles as part of toy drives. Please join us in this mission of giving back and making others in need feel good

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