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2pk - 2.5oz Bottle BubbleLick - Watermelon

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Our patented bubble solution is made of FDA approved ingredients.

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"When I gave these bubbles to my sons they ran around the backyard for HOURS! They added the chocolate bubbles to a bubble machine. When they came inside exhausted, they raved about the yummy flavors and games of chasing bubbles."


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What comes in a Variety Pack?

Our BubbleLick Premium Flavored Bubbles (Multi Flavor Party 4pk) contains four yummy flavors including:

- Glazed Cinnamon Roll

- Carnival Cotton Candy

- Milk Chocolate Chip

- Juicy Watermelon Splash

How do I use them?

There are a few tips and tricks to remember so that you have the very best experience with our lickable bubbles!

1. Do Not Shake. The BubbleLick formulation does not need to be stirred or shaken before use! Shaking may cause excess foam to form at the top of the bottle, in turn, causing less bubbles to be blown from the wand.

2. Three Second Rule. For best results, bubbles should be blown within three seconds of the wand being removed from the bottle. This causes less waste of bubbles dripping off the wand and losing tasty bubble time!

3. Up Close & Personal. Blowing the wand very close to your lips maximizes the number of bubbles that will form!

4. Blast the Bubbles. Using bubble machines or other toys extend the usage of your bubbles by limiting wasted bubble solution and make it easier to catch on your tongue!

Are they safe for my child?

We formulated BubbleLick with FDA-approved ingredients. The formulation has been strictly tested for safety and quality. However we know every child is unique, if there are any concerns we suggest checking with your pediatrician.

Will you be releasing new flavors?

Yes! We will be adding new flavors to our Bubblelick flavor family very soon.

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