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Can You Make Edible Bubbles At Home?

By now, we’re sure everyone knows about edible bubbles for kids. And you may even have seen online recipes promising you can make your own at home. While it’s always appealing to tackle a DIY project, especially if you can get the little ones involved too, you might want to shelve the DIY edible bubbles and instead find a good brand you trust. The Bubble Universe team takes a look at why.

The Soapy Debate

The key issue to consider when looking at the DIY edible bubble route is that it’s nearly impossible to make bubbles at home without turning to dish soap. That’s perfectly fine for normal blowing bubbles, of course! But for flavored bubbles, you might want to think again.
Of course, people wouldn’t be putting DIY recipes out there to actively harm your little ones. As anyone with siblings who dunked their head in the bath a time or two knows, a little soap is just part of childhood, and won’t actively harm most little ones. Quality recipes from trusted sites keep the soap content to the absolute minimum. But still, it’s dish soap at the end of the day. Professional bubble makers have access to a wider range of FDA-approved edible bubble ingredients, and have fully safe facilities to mix them in, so they can offer a soap-free product.

Other Considerations with DIY Flavored Bubbles

While the soap content is the primary issue that concerns many parents, there’s a few other things to think about.

Lack of Quality Control

This is a big issue with DIY formulas. Even if they’re safe, they may just flop and not taste good or blow nicely. And disappointed kids looking at you can be crushing

Ingredient Control

If you’ve made them, you know what went into them. But if another parent has thrown together the formula, you have no control over potential allergens, ingredient quality, or anything else.

Storage and Formula

You also don’t know if a mix is 100% safe to use if it’s been made in your kitchen. Contaminants can be picked up easily. Common issues mentioned with flavored bubbles for kids include tummy issues- but this is mostly caused by either the soap, or something icky in the mix, things you can avoid with a premium flavored bubble mix from a company you trust.

Variety and Cost

DIY bubbles can get samey for kids unless you branch out with a bunch of flavorings. And by the time you’ve bought all the ingredients, and a range of flavors, it may well have been cheaper to buy a ready-made mix!

Quality Time

Do you want to spend your limited time with your kids making things, or actually playing? While making mixes can be a fun science angle with the kids, you may just want to be able to crack open a bubble bottle and have fun with them.

Preserving Edible Bubbles

Preservatives have become something of a bad word in parenting circles over the last few years. And it’s not unjustified. When you’re looking at how to feed your child a nutritious diet, you want as few preservatives as possible for sure!
But preservatives do serve a critical role- they stop a formula growing mold and bacteria. A good home cooked meal will be out of the fridge long before that’s a problem, but when it comes to anything edible that might last a while at home, you want to make sure it’s well stored, at the right temperature, and will remain safe through its lifespan.

What Temperature Should You Store Edible Bubbles?

This means a DIY formula should ideally be made right before playtime, and thrown out after every use. That’s not the most convenient thing for you as the parent, and it can put a bit of a damper on playtime, too, as kids aren’t really known for their patience! At best, a DIY edible bubbles formula could last in the fridge a day or two. But the mixture being very cold will tone down the fun of the flavor. A pre-made mix from a trusted company allows you to store it at room temperature for the best experience, but still have 100% safe flavored bubbles.

Can I Find Healthy Flavored Bubbles?

Of course, not all shop-bought products are made equally. And you want only the best, safest experience for your little ones. Luckily you will find safe, quality formulas out there, and it needn’t burn a hole in your pocket, either.
What should you look for?
  • FDA approval: This means they’re using food-grade, safe, and trusted ingredients
  • FDA-approved facilities: Quality ingredients don’t help if they’re made in a bad facility! Look for factories that have transparent health and safety standards that comply with FDA standards.
  • Allergen-free: Even if your little one doesn’t have allergies themselves, using an allergy-free product means more friends can have fun. Bubbles for kids are for sharing, after all. Plus, this typically means careful thought and quality ingredients are in the product.
  • Locally Made: When you have a product made in the U.S, you help to support local jobs. But you also can have full confidence in the health and safety standards of the product, too.

The Bubble Universe Promise

We know that memories made in childhood shape your child’s future. That’s why Bubble Universe makes sure to bring you nothing but the very best, safe, FDA-approved formulas for your little ones to enjoy. And we’re always happy to hear from you, too. So if you have nay questions about edible bubbles, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.