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Complete Guide to Edible Bubbles For Kids

Complete Guide to Edible Bubbles For Kids

Do you have fond memories of hours spent blowing bubbles as a little one? It’s time to introduce your kids to a brand new bubble experience- edible bubbles for kids! If you’ve never heard of this fun new spin on playtime, the Bubble Universe gang has all the information you need. Learn more about edible bubbles, how to store and use them, how they’re made, and how to help your child enjoy a whole new level of fun sensory play. Let’s get started! 

Bubbles for Kids

For little kids, few things are as important as exploring and learning about the world. Chasing bubbles, whether it’s a crawling toddler or an active 6-year old- helps develop muscle strength and stimulate gross motor skills.
Playing with bubbles helps encourage what educators call ‘play with purpose’. Interactive play encourages experimentation and teaches them about the world without it becoming a chore.
Adding another dimension-flavor- makes bubbles for kids even more entertaining. It brings in sensory play, encourages them to be adventurous with taste, and keeps learning fun and playful. It’s a toy that keeps on giving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the idea of flavored bubbles for kids completely new to you? Are you wondering, “But how are edible bubbles made?” Or do you want to know more about the safety side as a concerned parent. Bubble Universe knows this is the greatest job you’ll ever take on. So we’ve lined up some common questions about kids’ bubbles- and answered them for you, too!

Are Edible Bubbles Safe For Kids?

Yes, edible bubbles are safe for kids. The worst that might happen is a gentle tummy ache if they eat too much. Bubble Universe uses food-grade, FDA-approved ingredients to ensure every child has a fun, safe experience with their flavored bubbles. Why not try all the flavors to find your favorite?

How Are Edible Bubbles Made?

Do you remember using a little dish soap to make bubbles as a kid? Rest assured there’s none in Bubble Universe’s solution! Our flavored bubbles are made in an FDA- registered, CGMP-certified, and allergen-free facility right here in the USA. We use non-toxic, food-grade ingredients to make the solution, so playtime is always fun. 

How Long Do Edible Bubbles Last?

The bubbles themselves last just like traditional blowing bubbles. While every bottle is shipped at its very best, we recommend you do not store unopened solution for longer than a year. Once opened, we advise that you use it up within a week if possible. 

At What Temperature Should You Store Edible Bubbles?

For best performance and flavor, store your edible bubbles at room temperature. A cool, dark cupboard is ideal. This will give the best blowing experience, and make the flavor pop. If it’s a hot day outside, remember to put the bottle in the shade as you play!

Introduction to Bubble Universe

Bubble Universe is on a mission to reinvent the bubble industry. We want to deliver fun, sensory play for children. We also want mom and dad to rest assured their little one is playing with a safe, eco-friendly, and fun bubble brand. 
We all have fond memories of blowing bubbles, but Bubble Universe believes it’s time to put allergic reactions and parental panic behind us. Instead of strange, hit-and-miss bubble solutions bought on the cheap, we want you to have total peace of mind. Everything you buy your child from our range is safe, flavorful, and fun.
That means they can play their way. Stimulate their mind and body through play and adventure. Bubble Universe will handle the rest!

Our Edible Kids Bubbles

BubbleLick's™ kids bubbles you only the best, FDA-approved ingredients and eco-friendly materials. No soapy taste here! Instead, it’s just yummy flavors and excitement at playtime. Choose from our scintillating range of iconic childhood flavors:
  • Watermelon Flavored Bubbles
  • Chocolate Flavored Bubbles
  • Cinnamon Flavored Bubbles
  • Cotton Candy Flavored Bubbles
Remember, every natural flavor we use is fully FDA-approved, and made in a facility with strict gluten and allergy management. It’s our mission to help make childhood memories that will last forever. 

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Bubble Universe, you’re choosing a safe, great-tasting product that will make childhood memories that will last a lifetime. But you’re also helping to spread the joy, too. We have partnered with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, with part of your purchase supporting them in their mission to help spread childhood joy.
Discover the best edible bubbles for kids. Discover Bubble Universe today.