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Edible Bubbles.. Sensory Play For Kids

As an engaged parent, we’re sure you’ve heard of sensory play. But what does that really mean? Why does it matter for kids? And can edible bubbles be part of sensory play? Today we rounded up the experts on the Bubble Universe team to answer all your questions about flavored bubbles, sensory play, and your family.

What is Sensory Play?

Play is play, right? Well, yes and no. It’s important that kids have unstructured time to do whatever they feel like, but play is also a very valuable learning tool, especially in early and middle childhood. It plays a key part in how your child learns about the world around them.
Sensory play is often thought of as ‘touch play’- picking things up, feeling textures, and so on. But that’s only one dimension! The idea is to engage all 5 senses- smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight. This helps them develop across all of these spectrums. 

Does Sensory Play Cure Sensory Issues?

Just as encouraging your children to eat a wide range of flavors, colors, and textures can help them broaden their palette, sensory play helps expose little ones to a wide range of sensory experiences. This helps them develop a broader sense of the world around them, and encourages adventure and exploration. It might not cure direct sensory issues you’ve already noticed in your child- these are often tied to developmental milestones or hurdles, and you may need to look at root causes. However, it can help encourage them to be more open to a wide variety of experiences, and that’s always good!

What benefits does sensory play bring?

Besides making them more adventurous, what benefits does sensory play bring?
  • It helps develop nerve connections in the brain
  • It encourages fine and coarse motor skills
  • It encourages communication and language development
  • It fosters curiosity and ‘scientific thinking’
  • It can be a mindfulness activity, which helps soothe and calm big emotions
  • It broadens their horizons and makes the world a more magical place

Are edible bubbles for kids sensory play?

Yes, they most definitely are! As well as being a fun toy for kids, flavored bubbles actively engage 4 of the 5 senses, and can foster development of the fifth, too. How? Let’s take a look!


Watch the bubble grow. See it break free. Chase after it. What are the colors on the surface? Why does it float?


How does the edible bubble taste? Do they recognise the flavor? Where have they tasted it before? Do they like it? Is it sharp/sweet/salty/bitter?


What happens when you touch the bubble? Can you catch it without it popping? How does it feel? Is it slimy?


Does the bubble smell like it tastes? Does it smell like they expected it to? Does it remind them of anything else/


Flavored bubbles for kids can also be made to incorporate hearing if you like. You could play a piece of music, and they have to blow the bubbles when it stops, or stand dead still. Or you could simply let it be organic, through talking to them, playing, directing attention, and having fun.

Fun Outdoor Sensory Play with Flavored Bubbles

As you can see, edible bubbles open up whole new dimensions for sensory play experiences with your kids. And, unlike many other types of sensory play, they also allow for a lot of free-form playing. You don’t have to supervise every moment to make it valuable. Play and creativity happens organically. You can also use it as a great way to get them away from screens and into the garden, having fun. Lastly, but certainly not least, it’s a great bonding activity for the family, too, as anyone of any age can enjoy and have fun.

Welcome to the Bubble Universe!

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