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Chocolate Edible Bubbles

Our Chocolate Bubbles

What would you say if we told you there was a fun way to engage your child, help them learn about their senses, and let them have a sweet treat? All at the same time? And all with no sugar high, no fuss, and no mess? Sounds impossible, right? Not around here! Look no further- Bubble Universe’s fun chocolate flavored bubbles offer you the perfect way to let your child learn through play.
Edible bubbles have become all the rage, and have elevated a traditional childhood game into new territory. Why not let your little one join the fun and make some shared memories together? It’s ok- we’ll let the adults play too! Chasing bubbles burns off energy. When you make them flavored bubbles, however, the magic truly happens. Let little eyes, tongues, noses, and fingers explore a safe, tasty world with Bubble Universe’s chocolate bubbles.


Some parents are a little wary of edible bubble mixes, and we understand! You want your child to have fun, but you also want to know it’s safe and healthy fun.
All ingredients used in our special, patented bubble blend are FDA approved. We also make them here in the U.S, to ensure high standards and great quality control. Our bubble flavors are also all-natural. Instead of lab-made approximations, this means we extract the flavoring from the ingredient itself. This ensures every batch is realistic, safe, and tasty. It’s also 100% safe and non-toxic. Children with allergies should be able to enjoy, too, although we advise double-checking with your GP.


Make sure to store your edible chocolate flavored bubbles at room temperature. This ensures they’re always ready to go. A cool, dark place will prevent wastage from evaporation, and ensure the product lasts as long as possible. We do suggest storing it out of reach of little hands. Kids don’t always know when playtime is over. While our mix is perfectly safe for your child, drinking a whole bottle might make their tummy sore.

How People Use Our Bubbles

Edible bubbles are fun and engaging. That doesn’t mean they need to be just for free play, however! Edible bubbles are a great way to introduce some learning concepts in a safe, child-friendly way that will grow their minds and exercise their bodies!


Blow a stream of bubbles. Slowly fill one and see if you can get it to fly. Or try and catch one as it passes! Bubbles for kids help them learn to focus their eyes on the partially-transparent surface. They also learn to track items in the air, and can even try and catch them to learn coordination and body movement. Bubbles are one of the best toys for kids to learn all the fun things to do with sight and movement.


Our chocolate edible bubbles don’t just look pretty, however! They smell fantastic too. And who doesn’t like a chocolate treat? Flavored chocolate bubbles let your child safely learn more about smell, as well as taste. How are they the same? How are they different? Did expectation and reality match up? It’s a fun learning game about the senses. We often discount our sense of smell, yet it can be life-saving. Here’s a fun way to open your child up to a world of smells.


Outdoor toys for kids don’t always allow for safe tasting play. Yet exposing your little ones to a range of tastes helps them develop another often-forgotten childhood sense. Try to catch a bubble on your tongue, play tricks, or just have fun running around. They’re engaging everything from young muscles to developing taste buds!

Introduction to Bubble Universe

Here at Bubble Universe, we want the magic of childhood to feel better than ever. Whether you want a fun way to engage your child’s senses, or just a safe way for them to blow off steam, we have you covered! Unlike many DIY bubble mixes, there’s no harmful ingredients or odd tastes. Just Bubble Magic all the way!
We’re proud to offer you a wide range of scintillating, child-friendly tastes for even more fun play. Teachers can even take Bubble Universe edible bubbles into the classroom safely, helping children learn through play. 
No matter who you are, bubble blowing is a fun way to bond with your child over shared memories, too. Why not let our chocolate-flavored bubbles woo your heart and your child, and join the Bubble Universe today?