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Edible Bubbles: A Fun Toy For Kids

Interested in edible bubbles for kids? Get a Bubble Universe edible bubble kit today. We offer free shipping on orders over $25 so stock up and save money now! Our flavored bubbles come in several different flavors including: lemon, lime, orange crush soda pop (which is best chilled), watermelon punch and rainbow sherbet ice cream. Your child will love the feeling of eating their favorite flavor without any worries about getting sick from it because our edible bubble kits contain only healthy ingredients like sugar cane syrup instead of artificial sweeteners; this means less calories too! Plus each kit comes with instructions that explain how to make these delicious treats at home using just three simple steps - no cooking required!

Are Edible Bubbles Safe

Wondering if edible bubbles are safe? The short answer: yes. Our flavored bubbles for kids are made with all natural ingredients that are FDA approved and non-toxic to humans. We believe in the safety of our products, which is why we've had them tested by third party laboratories. Flavored bubbles were originally invented as a fun way to help children learn how to blow bubbles without having to worry about the soap getting on their clothes or into their mouths. When you give your child an edible bubble kit, they can have hours upon hours of pure delight from blowing big, beautiful soapy orbs! And parents will enjoy not worrying about messes or health issues when it comes time for bath time again - just one more reason why flavored bubbles are such an awesome toy!

So what are you waiting for? Order your Bubble Universe edible bubble kit today and let the fun begin!